Friday, January 14, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

I haven't forgotten about my blog, honestly! Many of you know that I do a LOT of work for some animal rescue groups. I have spent my "free" time over the last few weeks doing transports for homeless dogs. We take abused and homeless dogs, rehabilitate them and show them LOVE, then adopt them to good homes. And I get the happy job of transporting those dogs to other states in my hot-rod Mazda MPV to their foster or furever homes. And sometimes I get the bittersweet job of rescuing those babies in need from bad situations and getting them out of there. (Those are the times I leave my pistol and my CCH permit at home - I'd go nuts on these abusers if I didn't). So, I have been super-busy with that.

In addition, last week a friend of mine went home to be with Jesus. She fought pancreatic cancer for almost two years, and in the end, she beat it by leaving it behind and going home to our Heavenly Father. She passed away on Elvis's birthday. She was just a couple weeks shy of her 40th birthday, and left behind a husband and three children. I KNOW she is in a better place, and she's not hurting anymore, but it's hard.

So, due to all this, my writing has been slacking off. However, I got together a writing plan the other night, and have been working it hard for the last two days. I am also back on the Dave Ramsey program, as I might have mentioned. I want to get this stupid debt paid off this year!

I am working on a post about a writing site that I'll have up this weekend. Blogging is on my writing plan, and I have it scheduled in on a regular basis, so I won't be such a stranger. Hope all my readers are doing well! :)